Woodcraft Issue 53

Hardwood Train

Made of several hardwoods, this train will be loved by adults and children alike.
By Linda Hendry

Train Shelf

A great place to store and show the hard-wood train when not in use.
By Linda Hendry

Shop Drill Cabinet

Help organize your shop with this cabinet.

With its own electrical outlet inside, your batteries will always be charged.
By Rob Joseph

Napkin Rings

The use of various woods laminated together to make this napkin rings an interesting addition to your table.
By Michael Theriault

Media Case

Store your CD’s or DVD’s in this free-standing, hinged oak case.
By Bob Chapla

Football Hero Puzzle

Pick your team, pick your paint and in no time you can have a puzzle of your favorite player.
By Linda Hendry

CD Albums

Simple, yet very useful.

These albums can be adapted to hold photo pages, too.
By Linda Hendry

Turned Candlesticks

Different woods, a different angle, and you’ve turned out some great candlesticks.
By Tory Allman

Wader Hanger

From waders to rain boots, finally, a place to hang that wet foot gear!
By William Stamatis

Chinese Checkers

When you’re not playing, this favorite classic marble game looks great on the wall for storage.
By Linda Hendry